Wednesday, August 22, 2012

High-low Wedding Dresses-the Hi-Lo Dresses Collection 2012

Taffeta Strapless Column Elegant High low Wedding Dress
Torn between wearing a floor length dress and a short one on your big day? Why not wear them both in a high low wedding gown? Highly trendy, the high low dress styles are very popular among celebrity, as the high low dresses can be seen making the sounds in recent red carpet events as well as in runways around the word. So for the brides who want to try out a fresh trend, the high low wedding dresses are for you.
High low wedding dresses
High low wedding dresses
High Low dresses are one of the best choices for wedding party because it has that youthful charm that other styles don’t. Thanks to its asymmetrical hemline, it gives a fresh spin to the usual floor length wedding dress. Just like short prom dresses, the high low dress lets a girl showcase her legs and her statement heels! A Hi-lo dress has a short front hemline, usually falling just above the knee (though other more daring style can go up to the middle part of the thighs), while its back hemline falls to the floor. Just like the mermaid dress, it’s usually strapless or one shoulder at the top. Well, to find the perfect high low wedding dresses and make your wedding day special and dreamlike.
High low Wedding dresses
High low wedding-dress

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